New year, fresh starts Stock up on everything you need for fresh starts & new habits in the new year.

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Plan ahead for wellness staples and fridge essentials for the New Year

The start of a new year is all about making sure that you are prepared for new habits, new goals and even new traditions. Whether your goal is to take lunch more than takeout or just to add in more salads, you can find plenty of wellness staples and fridge essentials at your local Shaw's.

To get started, think about grab and go options. Protein bars, yogurt cups, baby carrots, cut vegetables and beef jerky all make for great portable snack options. If you’re trying to avoid gas station treats, these options can work well towards that goal.

Don’t forget that you can stop by the deli for convenient meals and sides that are heated and serve. Simply bring it home, heat it up, and serve it to the table. Not only does it save you time, but it reduces that monthly takeout expense perfectly.

The deli also has salads that are ready to go. You can add your own touches to take the salad to the next level and still save time in the kitchen. Add in boiled eggs, nuts, seeds, additional crunchy vegetables and lemon to add variety to your meal plans every week.

Wellness is always on your terms: the road ahead is up to you. Whether you’re hunting for convenient options for lunch or snacks that work for the whole family, shop online in the app or at your local Shaw's for fridge essentials and pantry snacks you can count on.

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